Current Obsession

A Simple Summer

Tomorrow is August 1st. Sadly that means the summer season is coming to a quick end, even though there wasn’t much summer weather to enjoy in the first place (at least here in Wisconsin). If I were to have it my way, I would have had a simple summer by the beach, hot hot weather, and these summer basics to get me through the blistering summer days. The neutral palette makes it easy to mix and match items, and the simple, yet striking items alone would complete any wardrobe. The new Urban Decay lipsticks in nude tones look like your lips are naked, along with the naked eye palette. And of course, I needed to add the Oribe Apres Beach spray for good measure (or texture). And who could forget the perfect Isabel Marant studded heels. They’re so. perfect.  So long, sweet {nonexistent} summer…you were fun while you lasted. A Simple Summer.

H m
$12 –

Zara crop top

Maxi skirt
$39 –


Isabel marant


Rag bone

Urban decay



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